Mohawk Maker Quarterly
Year 1

Designed at: Hybrid Design
Creative Direction: Dora Drimalas
Design Direction: Caleb Kozlowski
Design: Mike Andersen

As a part of Mohawk’s Maker Campaign to realign their brand with the maker movement Mohawk sought to connect directly and consistently to the creative community while showcasing their paper products. To do this we created the Mohawk Maker Quarterly, a quarterly print piece that champions the Maker movement, and highlights the artisans who have defined the community. Each issue was focused around one of the core values we developed for the Mohawk Manifesto to help reinforce Mohawk’s realignment with the Maker community. At Hybrid we designed and curated each issue and have featured numerous artisans and makers, such as Dave Eggars, Heath Ceramics, Massimo Vignelli, Geoff McFetridge and many more.

January 22, 2015
6:09 am