Mohawk Maker Quarterly
Issue #09

Designed at: Hybrid Design
Creative Direction: Dora Drimalas & Caleb Kozlowski
Design Direction: Mike Andersen
Design: Mike Andersen & Brett Newman

For the 9th issue and the beginning of the third year of the Mohawk Maker Quarterly we were excited to embark on a total redesign. We decided to approach the masthead with a much simpler execution than the previous two years and established a more fluid grid that would allow for more flexibility in our layouts. Since we had been inspired to take on a redesign, we decided that it only made sense for the first issue to be focused around the idea of inspiration. We featured makers and artists that all have a different viewpoint and approach to inspiration—from dedicated collectors to entrepreneurs who quit their day jobs to live out their passions.

June 25, 2016
11:38 pm