Nike Sportswear
Golden Air Sneaker Box

Designed at: Hybrid Design
Creative Direction: Dora Drimalas & Caleb Kozlowski
Design: Caleb Kozlowski, Aaron Eiland,
Brett Newman & Mike Andersen
Animation: Golden Wolf

To celebrate the U.S. basketball team send off to the Olympics and Kevin Durant coming to the Warriors Nike approached Hybrid to design and oversee the construction of a digital pop-up shop in San Francisco. The event was called Golden Air and was a celebration of the history of Nike Basketball, and more specifically the history of the Foamposite shoe. At Hybrid we designed the interior experience around the construction and form of the Foamposite as well as put a timeline of the most popular colorways into the floor. We also designed all of our external animations around the history of the Foamposite, from its original inspiration which was taken from a beetle to the fact that it was the first shoe that was made out of a liquid “foam” pressed in a mold. We also designed several ambient animations that were interpretations of its most famous colorways.

August 11, 2016
12:58 am